Thursday, 6 August 2015

A Note to Nadira

A Note to Nadira
Honey, please remember this:
In the beginning, you’ll prolly want to date someone just because he’s handsome/smart/popular/etc, well you know, the kinda of guy who’s gonna break your heart. That’s fine, because every heartbreaking experiences will teach you a new lesson, and make you more mature and wiser. But if I can ask you something, please don’t choose those heartbreakers as your boyfriend too often, ok? I can’t stand watching you cry and sad :’)
In the end, you’ll know that the right man is not always handsome/popular/smart/etc. He can be that regular boy sitting right next to you, or some stranger living in another part of the world. What’s important is, he has to be the one who can make you happy for being who you really are.
How to find him? I can’t tell it for sure, because every person will go through different path of life from the others. Someone can find her perfect one right after the first date, the others are not so lucky, just like me and your dad smile emotikon
So, cherish the moment, darling. Never trust and love your boyfriend too much, because if he breaks your heart, you’ve got nothing left. Just trust and love him a little, and keep the rest for yourself. If anything goes wrong, you can move on quickly. Remember this in your mind, because this kept me survived a long long time ago smile emotikon
Oh one more thing, don’t forget th

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